Prophet Elias

Great Fast





Divine Liturgy


    Week 5

    Full text and melodies for Thursday Mattins with the Great Canon (including the variable material according to the Tone of the Week).

  • Mattins with Great Canon (4930 KB)

    Holy Week

  • The Hymn of Kassiani (88 KB)
  • Holy Friday Royal Hours (1046 KB) - complete text with Znamenny melodies
  • Holy Matins Encomia (Praises/Kathisma) (1721 KB) - complete setting to "Greek Chant" melodies
  • Holy Saturday Vespers and Liturgy (1644 KB) - full text with Stichera and Readings up to the Gospel and other variable parts for the Liturgy
  • Holy Saturday Midnight Office (1807 KB)

    This is a slightly experimental setting of this service. The service is given in full in the abbreviated form customarily used, but with the entire Canon set for singing. Melodies and harmonies are taken from the standard nineteenth century Russian editions, but modified to give the melody in the soprano line and to remove parallel fifths and octaves.

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