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Welcome to this website. My main purpose here is to make available some of the work that I have done over the years in arranging Orthodox liturgical texts in English for singing to melodies in the Russian tradition.

By following the links to the left you will be able to download PDF files of some of my adaptations of various forms of Russian chant to English texts. Some are derived from Znamenny melodies. Others use one version or another of the appointed Podoben melodies. Others use other forms of Russian chant.

The arrangements are melody only. It is my view that this, the older way of singing in church, is preferable.

Where possible the translations are taken, with permission, from those done by Archimandrite Ephrem (Lash). For other texts I have provided translations in a similar style. These translations are mainly derived from the Greek but have been checked against the Slavonic, and generally follow the Slavonic text where that differs from the Greek unless there is a clear error in the Slavonic.

For most things indications have been given for antiphonal singing, something that the rubrics assume and which is perfectly feasible with as few as two singers if only the melody is sung. In general the Right Choir is indicated by (I) and the Left Choir by (II), although there may be places where these should be reversed.

A more extensive discussion of matters concerning text and music is given on the "Introduction" page. Descriptions of individual pieces are given with their links.

All material here is copyright, but permission is granted for downloading and printing copies of the music for use in the services of the Orthodox Church. Permission is also granted for further adaptions of these arrangements to be made (e.g. adding harmonies). Any commercial reproduction or use in recordings requires specific permission.

I shall be adding to the material on this site as I find time to check and correct arrangements that I have already done and produce new arrangements as required.

Archimandrite Kyril Jenner

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